It not only have problems with CSEM (the real-life stuff), but there are now bots spamming it and Twitter made reporting it a chore.

“Please provide more context”, WTF it’s literally just CSEM plus a link I won’t click even if my life depends on it!

I’m quite sad since a lot of the creators I’m following are still only there, or on the boneless fediverse app BlueSky (which is worse in some ways), and I still need to keep it around just to protect my user handle there and to look things up from time to time.

Once I’m at home from work, I’m locking my account, and put up a farewell message to whoever might miss me.

I’m not saying that the fediverse is perfect, far from it (especially certain segments of Lemmy), but it’s a way better experience than whatever Xitter (or Reddit for that matter) tries to be. I even have more reach, especially since the whole paid blue checkmark thing.

  • AisteruA
    3 months ago

    Going back to monke is always a valid option